Timber Sourcing & Supply

1. Sourcing – A careful process

A profound knowledge of timber and experience of buying are the key elements in purchasing the right material to meet our stringent quality standards for stock. Our buyers cover Ireland in search of exceptional Oak and other hardwood species, buying the best prime butts of Native hardwoods. We also travel all over Europe in search of quality timber.

2. Processing – A slow business

Logs are sawn through and through or cut with one square edge, and then seasoned. Some of the larger logs, especially the longest and the straightest, are set aside to stabilise for two to five years. Many of our larger Oak logs are quarter-sawn in the traditional way.

Timber is air dried in our extensive yard. Care is taken to keep species requiring slow drying protected from high winds and sun to minimise face checking, end splits and distortion.
Covered storage is mainly used for less durable woods such as Beech, Sycamore, Hornbeam and Lime, which may also require stacking precautions to retain good colour. We prefer to kiln dry wood which has first been air dried.

3. Sales & Delivery – A rapid response

Our sales team in Claybrooke Magna are happy to take your enquiries by phone, fax or email. Our national sales team will visit you anywhere in Britain or you may visit us to inspect stock and discuss specifications. Whitmore’s make regular deliveries throughout the UK.

Our experienced teams are here to help

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